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Return - Refund Policy

At Marion's Crafts LLC, extreme care is taken to assure your products lasts a long time. 

Lantern hangers are not meant to be hung outside in the elements unless under a protective cover.  The finish on the wood is a water-based finish, unless specified otherwise that will repel water, however repeated exposure to outside elements will deteriorate the finish as it does on all wood not repeatedly treated. 

Each custom lamp made by Marion's Crafts LLC is made with the utmost importance on safety.  Polarized plugs, 18 gauge lamp cord secured with an underwriters knot, and sockets are used in every lamp.  While all lamps are rated at 250 watts, it is recommended to use incandescent or LED bulbs of 60 watts or less.  All connections are secure and have been tested however, like all power cords it is recommended that you do not pull on the cord itself, but pull on the plug when unplugging your lamp. 

Marion's Crafts LLC cannot be held responsible for any damage due to owner negligence in the handling or misuse of any lamps created by Marion's Crafts LLC. 

Any product that is intended to be used with or around food has been sealed with a food safe wood finish.  From time to time, you will need to reseal your item if it appears dull or dry from exposure to water, food, and elements.  A good beeswax/mineral oil wax will return your item to its original state with proper care.

Pen's purchased from Marion's Crafts come with a 30 day conditional guarantee* on craftsmanship and functionality.  Please know I will do all I can to repair your pen and if I cannot, I will replace it for you free of charge within the warranty period if the workmanship or functionality of your pen is found to be defective under normal wear and tear conditions.  *We cannot be held responsible for pens damaged by your negligence or misuse.



At Marion's Crafts we stand behind our workmanship.  If for any reason your product is defective due to manufacturing or craftmanship errors, we will refund, replace or repair your item at no cost to you within 30 days of purchase.

Marion's Crafts will not be held responsible for any damage to your product due to customer negligence as outlined in our terms and conditions.

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