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At the Heart of Diamonds

At the heart of Diamonds in the Ruff animal rescue is a small group of volunteers who work tirelessly to  help homeless, neglected and abused animals in Obion County in NW TN.  Volunteers help in a variety of ways.  They rescue those slated to be euthanized if there is no more room at the pound or those abandoned in rural areas.  They transport animals to and from the vet and to forever homes.  They provide food and shelter and clean up after those in their care.  They bottle feed at 4 am. They foster.  They promote.  They plead.  They raise funds to pay for vetting and care and food.  They advocate for better conditions for the animals.  But most of all, where Diamonds truly shines, is in the love and respect they give to the dogs in their care. 

There is no lost cause.

When injured or abused dogs show up (like senior dog Dom pictured here with leg deformities from arthritis), Diamonds steps up to insure these animals get the care and treatment they need through raising funds for vetting and providing shelter and care until the animal is well and ready for adoption.  So many of Diamonds rescues face what seem like insurmountable medical issues but Diamonds knows that behind those issues are pets who could shine in new homes and when healed physically and spiritually, they do just that.  Dom now shines in his forever home in CT!  

Fostering is important and fun!

Foster homes are absolutely critical in the fight to save the homeless animals of Obion County.  Fosters provide a place for pets to stay while Diamonds volunteers work to find good forever homes.  But fosters do so much more.  They provide love that a homeless animal may have never known.  They can help a dog recover from an injury or abuse.  They provide training and socialization with people and other animals.  They share their homes and their hearts in a wonderfully selfless way and they help the animals they foster to become more adoptable. 

It's all about Happy Tails, and Happy Tales!

The whole point of Diamonds in the Ruff animal rescue is to help homeless dogs in Obion County in NW TN get READY so they are SET and can GO to safe, loving homes.  Volunteers promote those animals ready for adoption through Facebook, a helpful network of other rescues in other states, and national adoption sites.  They work with other rescues and potential adopters to insure pets go to safe homes.  Its all about Happy Tails, and Happy Tales. 

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